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We work for medical laboratories.
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Eiliton LLC (part of the Unimed Group of Companies) has been operating in the market of medical laboratory equipment in Russia since 2003.

We are engaged in the development, production and sale of instruments and supplies for clinical laboratories. Eiliton has a unique team of the best R&D specialists in the country, which has been created over 16 years.

Some of our developments have no analogues in the world. We have created a unique fully automatic line for the production of Univet microtubes for taking capillary blood from K2EDTA. Our experts developed the world's first urine analyzer URiSCAN-strip. This device allows you to perform urine tests on test strips with analytical characteristics that meet the requirements of quantitative analysis. A specialized analyzer for the diagnosis of proteinuria URiSCAN-BK simultaneously determines the concentration of protein and creatinine in the urine, and also automatically calculates the ratio of Protein / Creatinine.

In 2013, Eiliton LLC received the status of a resident of the Special Economic Zone of the Technological and Innovative Type Dubna. This opened up wide opportunities for the company to develop an innovative business, produce high-tech products and bring them to Russian and foreign markets.

In 2015, we became the first Russian manufacturers of vacuum test tubes for taking venous blood Univac. The project received support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Today, the company's product portfolio includes instruments for urine analysis, biochemical analyzers, sets of biochemical reagents, reagents for 3-diff hematology analyzers, tubes for taking venous blood, microtubes for taking capillary blood, equipment for the production of microcapillary tubes with EDTA.

Our customers can always be sure of the high quality of our products. The quality management system of Eiliton LLC is certified according to international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485-2016.

Eiliton LLC is a dynamically developing company. The range of products is expanding annually, production capacities are expanding. The company's immediate plans include the production of needles and holders for vacuum tubes for collecting venous blood, a high-performance urine analyzer, hematological 3-diff and 5-diff analyzers and other instruments and supplies for medical laboratories.