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KDIGO 2012 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease
This document is a revision of the KDOQI Clinical Practical Guidelines (Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative) of 2002 for the diagnosis, classification and stratification of CKD, carried out after 10 years of focused research and clinical practice in this area.
Diagnosis of proteinuria (Memo for the doctor)
The memo contains information from existing Russian and international regulatory documents, recent research studies on the diagnosis of proteinuria.
Quantitative determination of indicators of the composition and properties of urine using the "dry chemistry" method (principles of the method, analytical characteristics)
The employees of Eiliton LLC asked themselves whether it is possible to create a device that works according to the “dry chemistry” method and which allows one to obtain quantitative analysis results. The task was solved.
Determining the protein / creatinine ratio is a modern alternative to determining the concentration of protein in daily urine.
Long-term scientific studies on the search for an alternative to daily urine analysis have shown that the protein / creatinine ratio can be correctly assessed for the renal excretion of protein without determining the amount of daily urine output.