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Blood collection procedure using UNIVAC® vacuum systems


   1.Wash hands under running water and dry with a paper towel or a piece of clean cloth. Wear gloves.


   2.Take the needle and remove the protective cap from the side covered by the membrane.


   3. Insert the needle into the holder and screw in until it stops. Prepare the necessary tubes.


   4. Apply a tourniquet 7-10 cm above the site of venipuncture. Ask the patient to clench his fist. DO NOT prescribe physical activity for the hand (clenching and unclenching the fist), because this can lead to changes in the concentration of some blood parameters. Choose a place for venipuncture, disinfect it, wait until the antiseptic is completely dry. Remove the protective cap from the second half of the needle.


   5. Grasp the patient’s forearm with his left hand so that the thumb is 3-5 cm below the site of venipuncture, stretch the skin.


   6. Position the needle in a line with the vein, bevel up, puncture the vein at an angle of 25-30 ° and advance it a few mm along the vein.


   7. Insert the tube into the holder until it stops, puncture the rubber tube of the tube and create a channel between the tube and the vein cavity.


   8. When blood begins to flow into the tube, loosen or remove the tourniquet. Make sure the patient has opened his fist. Fill the tube until the flow of blood stops.


   9. Remove the tube from the holder. The rubber membrane of the needle will block the flow of blood. When using reagent tubes, carefully flip the tube several times to mix completely. If necessary, take blood in test tubes for other studies. After completing the procedure, remove the needle from the vein, apply a pressure dressing or bactericidal patch to the wound.


   10. Discard used tools and materials in a special tray or container for disinfection. Make sure the patient is well.


   11. Transport labeled tubes to appropriate laboratories in special containers with lids.