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KDIGO 2012 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease
This document is a revision of the KDOQI Clinical Practical Guidelines (Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative) of 2002 for the diagnosis, classification and stratification of CKD, carried out after 10 years of focused research and clinical practice in this area.
Diagnosis of proteinuria (Memo for the doctor)
The memo contains information from existing Russian and international regulatory documents, recent research studies on the diagnosis of proteinuria.
Comparative studies confirm the high quality of UNIVAC tubes
Experts conducted comparative studies of Univac tubes (Eiliton, Russia) and Vacuette (Greiner, Austria). The studies were carried out in accordance with the protocol of the Institute of Clinical and Laboratory Standards (CLSI GP-34A), which is widely used in many countries to compare test tubes of new brands with the gold standard - vacuum systems from world famous manufacturers.
Blood collection procedure using UNIVAC® vacuum systems
The instructions describe the procedure for taking blood using vacuum systems UNIVAC®
Blood sampling sequence recommendations
The table shows the sequence of blood sampling for various studies, recommendations for mixing, centrifugation and measurement time.
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